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Treasury I-Bonds

Recently I-Bonds have received a lot of press. It makes sense in this low interest rate environment why they would be talked about-a government bond paying an annualized rate of 7.12%! However, it is important to understand the mechanics of these bonds because this 7.12% will not last for long and there are several moving parts and restrictions with I-Bonds.

Where to purchase I-Bonds

I-Bonds can be purchased online from Treasury Direct ( The interest rate on I-Bonds has 2 components-a fixed rate and an inflation rate. Both rates are adjusted in November and May of each year. When you purchase the I-Bonds, your fixed rate remains unchanged for the life of the bond. The inflation rate changes every 6 months. The November 2021 inflation rate is 3.56% for 6 months (annual yield would be 7.12%). The fixed rate remains at zero.

I-Bond Limits

The maximum amount of I-Bonds that can be purchased in a calendar year is $10,000 in electronic bonds and $5,000 in paper bonds using your federal income tax refund. The limits apply separately. To put this into real numbers with the November 2021 rate, we are talking about $534 of interest on a $15,000 purchase.

Interest on I-Bonds

The interest on I-Bonds can be deferred until you cash the bonds in. I-Bonds earn interest for 30 years and are not taxable in the state, only federal taxes. There is a 12 month minimum hold and if you redeem the bonds before 5 years, there is a penalty of 3 months of interest.

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